Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program with Oshkosh Area United Way provides early-to-mid career professionals a chance to further develop their leadership skills, network with like-minded individuals and elevate their commitment to making a difference in the community.

Who is an Emerging Leader?

Emerging Leaders are community members under 40 years old, giving an annual gift of $500 to the Oshkosh Area United Way. This is a group of up-and-comers who want to change the world. An Emerging Leader connects on a deeper level with our community and takes ownership of initiatives that let us create lasting change in the Oshkosh Area.

How is Emerging Leaders different than other professional organizations? 

It begins with an investment in United Way. As you may know, the 2018 ALICE Report (Asset Limited Income Constrained and Employed) states 46% of Oshkosh residents cannot afford basic needs like food, shelter and utilities. These are our neighbors, our co-workers and our friends. They are the next generation of workers, leaders and decision makers. We have a chance and commitment to lead them to success. An investment to Oshkosh Area United Way continues the fight for stable Oshkosh families.

With your yearly gift of $500, the OAUW and its funded programs can provide:

  • One year of diapers for low-income parents
  • Parenting classes for 20 people
  • Trauma counseling for four children
  • One year of free books for 15 preschoolers
  • A wellness visit, healthy meal, and independence for 65 seniors
  • 21 days of meals for 9 families of 4
  • and much more!

These are just examples of what your donation as an Emerging Leader provides. As an added bonus of the Emerging Leaders investment, the program comes with professional development events and community networking throughout the year.

What if I am already a part of another professional organization?

Great! We love knowing there are committed community members like you connecting with each other in Oshkosh! We’d love to have your group visit one of our events, or talk to our staff about how your group can join in. An investment from members of your organization could create a wave of change in our community!

Why is the commitment $500 or more?

United Way Worldwide and neighboring United Way Emerging Leaders programs have an investment level of $500. As we grow a stronger United Way network in the greater Northeastern Wisconsin region, we want to create a united Emerging Leaders front. The investment of $500 is to ensure that ELs across all areas can attend events and networking opportunities with one another at the same level.

We want to focus on the positive change $500 can make in our community. OAUW programs impact 1 in 3 people in the Oshkosh area. Your support unites our partners with success. It allows them to spend less time fundraising and more time focusing on executing programs for positive impact.

Okay, I'm interested! How do I get involved?

Emerging Leaders is for people age 40 and under, giving an annual gift of $500 or more. You can gift the annual pledge through a one-time annual donation or payroll deduction! If you are already donating at a $500 level and interested in getting more involved on a committee, or are interested in increasing your gift to become an Emerging Leader, please contact Ryan Surprise at ryan@oshkoshunitedway.org!

Join us at an upcoming TELTalk event! TELTalk is a bi-annual event for Emerging Leaders in the Oshkosh and Fox Cities communities offering professional development opportunities on various topics. CLICK HERE for details on our next Emerging Leaders event!

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