About Us

Why United Way?

We tackle root causes – United Way takes on huge issues no single group can solve alone. Your gift drives programs that get to the roots of our biggest problems. By giving through United Way, you support the greatest needs in Oshkosh.

United Way is trustworthy – We monitor the groups that get your money, ensuring they are financially responsible and show results. You can trust us to use your money for the best impact.

United Way is local – Your money stays in the Oshkosh area. Your gifts help grassroots nonprofits who understand local needs. With United Way’s grants, our partners focus more on shared work and less on fundraising. Together, we accomplish more than anyone can alone or through a single charity. 

What Does United Way Do?

  • Oshkosh Area United Way works with local leaders to identify the biggest needs in the Oshkosh area.  
  • 99% of the money donated here stays here.
  • We offer grants to programs that address these issues to improve the quality of life for everyone.
  • 40% of people cannot afford basic needs in Oshkosh. As a result, United Way impacts 1 in 3 people through its funded programs.
  • By working on key issues, we take steps to improve our community.
  • Oshkosh Area United Way is committed to creating chances for everyone to thrive.
Oshkosh Area United Way