Mental Health

Mental health is a key part of the overall health in our community. More and more scientific evidence over the last 20 years is pointing to a connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body. That’s why we strive to address mental issues in the Oshkosh community.

Oshkosh Area United Way works with agencies and programs that help those without health insurance, seniors in need of care, abuse survivors, people with disabilities, individuals living with mental illness and anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle.

One of United Way’s goals is to increase the number of Oshkosh area residents who have good physical and mental practices. It is so important for the individuals, families and the community that everyone has the support they need for assistance and recovery.

Our Goals

Oshkosh Area United Way wants to increase the number of youth and adults who:

  • Are healthy and safe
  • Can live independently and with dignity
  • Have access to affordable mental, behavioral, dental and general healthcare services
  • Can access prevention education and avoid risky behaviors
  • Have a network of support

Investment Areas

  • Adult and Child Counseling (Domestic Violence, Cancer, Disorders, etc.)
  • Assessment, Referral, Support
  • Behavioral and Mental Care
  • Chemical Abuse
  • Community Support Programs
  • Disabilities Services
  • Health Care Access
  • Health and Mental Health Education
  • Older Adult Support and Independence
  • Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services
  • Recovery Services

Programs We Fund

Mental health is a huge issue that we tackle for Oshkosh residents of all ages. There are multiple programs Oshkosh Area United Way funds to improve mental health at every stage of life, from childhood to older adulthood. Check out all of the programs we fund, including our health and well-being programs, HERE!

Mental Health Initiative

Did you know that 70% of adults in Winnebago County reported days in the last month when they felt mentally unwell?* This was before the pandemic. Imagine what the numbers are like now!

Because of you, OAUW is able to fund programs like the Mental Health Initiative. This program created a set of videos, in collaboration with Responder Strong, to educate first responders about how to deal with stress, including how to better understand and address relationship issues due to stress in the workplace or personal life. The easy-to-follow videos will help improve communication, decision making, self-discovery, and communication.

Are you a caregiver, manager of people, work closely with the public, or consistently have to be there for others? The set of modules below will benefit you and will make an impact on the Oshkosh area community too!

*Source: Community Health Survey WC Adults 2018
Oshkosh Area United Way