Oshkosh Area United Way (OAUW) has announced Brenda Haines and Chris Nimis as co-chairs for the 2022 Community Giving Campaign. This year’s theme is Change Begins With Me/We.

Co-Founder and Consultant at Blue Door, Brenda Haines, will return as campaign co-chair for her second year. “One of the most energizing things I witnessed in last year’s record-setting campaign was how people come together with contributions at all levels to make big things happen in this community,” said Brenda. “Whether it’s addressing emerging basic needs as a result of the pandemic, helping elementary students strengthen their reading proficiency or assisting local residents in gaining skills to earn a livable wage, our individual responses are magnified when we are united.”

Joining the 2022 campaign is co-chair Chris Nimis. Chris is the Vice President of Product Management at Amcor Flexibles.

“I am excited to co-chair the 2022 campaign and work alongside Brenda to continue the momentum from last year,” states Chris Nimis. “It only takes one person to start a movement. It takes a community to make a change. This directly aligns with the United Way’s theme of LIVE UNITED. Our sole mission is to inspire the change our residents need.”

Amy Sitter, OAUW Board President, is thrilled to have such strong community leaders support the 2022 campaign. “Oshkosh Area United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. Having Brenda and Chris lead the charge in making a difference will truly benefit the Oshkosh area.”

Oshkosh Area United Way’s 2022 Community Giving Campaign will kick off on Tuesday, August 16. Because of funders like you, the 2021 campaign provided financial assistance for over 40 area programs from more than 24 nonprofit organizations that improve access to resources for Early Childhood Education, Mental Health, and Steps to a Living Wage in Oshkosh and the surrounding area.

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