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Corporate Engagement Opportunities

A big part of Living United means giving back to our community. Building a better workforce and community is easy when you partner with the Oshkosh Area United Way. We offer a variety of opportunities to connect with local organizations that are making a real difference. Join us by getting your organization involved today!

We look forward to planning your corporate volunteer experience from start to finish. Help us get to know your group better by answering a few questions:

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Company Benefits

  • Boost employee morale & commitment
  • Build community goodwill
  • Enhance employee teamwork skills
  • Increase employee leadership skills
  • Provide a service to the community  

Browse our volunteer opportunities below to learn more.

On-Site Corporate Projects

We’d like to provide your employees with a chance to meet a community need without ever leaving the office—we bring the project to you!  Projects are educational and interactive experiences, helping volunteers to more deeply understand the issues they are addressing.  

Collection Drives

United Way will provide a list of items needed, organize your donations at the completion of your event, and deliver your company's contributions to those within the Oshkosh Area most in need of your gift.  Examples of Collection Drives: Diapers, hygiene items, outdoor play items, toys, clothing, food, agency-specific needsLearn more about collection drives.


Corporate volunteers can collect donations or purchase goods to assemble supply kits as an inspiring team-building activity while bringing tangible comfort and encouragement to those in need.  Examples of Kits: Literacy, New Parent, Snack Packs, Dental, First Aid, Hygiene

Bags for Home-Delivered Meals

Think how fun it would be to receive your meal in a brightly decorated lunch bag! This fun and inexpensive project is great for all ages. Help bring joy to someone in need by decorating ADVOCAP home-delivered meal bags.


All it takes is 5 minutes to send support and appreciation! Write a quick note of encouragement to a hospital patient, student, or client at one of our funded agencies or community partners.

Annual Day of Caring

Day of Caring is a great way for you to tackle projects you need help completing, spread awareness about community issues, and extend your reach to those who could serve as future volunteers and advocates. OAUW coordinates groups of volunteers to work and make a difference for your organization. 

Below are tips on creating a successful project for these volunteers:

  • The projects you submit should be purposeful. Explain why the project is important to help volunteers to more deeply understand the impact they are making.
  • Take this opportunity to showcase what your nonprofit is capable of doing.
  • Give a short tour when your volunteers arrive.
  • Introduce volunteers to your guests.
  • Create friendly competition with incentives, etc. 
  • Debrief at the end of the project.
  • Thank volunteers (welcome banner, photo card sent afterward, social media, etc.)

Individual Volunteering Opportunities

Email oauw@oshkoshunitedway.org or call us at (920) 235-8560 to inquire about additional individual volunteering opportunities with our partners!

Skills-Based Volunteering

Skills-based volunteerism utilizes the skills, experience, talents and education of volunteers and matches them with the needs of nonprofits. Here are some examples of the areas that your Skills-Based Volunteering can help with:

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Human Resources and Organizational (Edit job descriptions, review your Employee Handbook, attendance policy, dress code policy)
  • Development Marketing and Communications (Social Media strategy, writing an effective press release, multi-media strategy, website audits)
  • Finance and Accounting Information Technology (Budget assistance, insurance information, IT advice)
  • Fundraising and Development (Event planning, donor strategy)
  • Project and Program Management (Help with Excel and Word, project plan development, scorecard development)

Virtual Volunteering

Also known as online volunteering, virtual volunteering means volunteer tasks are completed, in whole or in part, online. When you volunteer virtually, you help others from wherever you are, be that at work, at home, or away. Opportunities can range from 5-minute projects to ongoing mentoring:

  • Write a quick note of encouragement to a hospital patient, student, teacher or veteran
  • Do some online career coaching with High School students
  • Use your writing and editing skills to help a local nonprofit promote their services

Community Impact Panel Volunteers

Oshkosh Area United Way opens its grant process to the public annually. Applicants can request funding for any new or existing program that works toward solutions to strengthening Childhood Development, Steps To A Living Wage, or Mental Health. These three issues are the immediate concerns of the Oshkosh area. Our Community Impact volunteers help to evaluate grant applications, ask questions, and ultimately, make funding recommendations. For more information about the Community Impact process or to join the volunteer committee, contact Candice Lane.

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