Hosting A Virtual Campaign

Tips for a successful virtual campaign


  • Set campaign dates. Take time to create strategic messaging and build your online donation page.
  • Form a campaign crew to send information across each department or team. A good ratio is one campaign team member for every 25 employees.
  • Set a goal that your team can rally behind.
  • Use key points for company-wide messaging (announcement of the campaign, launch day, mid-campaign, final push, thank you, etc.)


  • Use your messaging to launch the campaign. Try video messages from your company’s leadership to encourage donating.
  • Send messaging throughout the campaign across the company.
  • Run team challenges to encourage participation.
  • Use team leads to keep the campaign top of mind on conference calls or emails. Conduct meetings with team leads to discuss strategies and needs for their team.


  • S – Short & Sweet: Virtual campaigns are best kept under two weeks. The longer the campaign, the less momentum.
  • O – Overall Goals: Make your goals clear: dollars raised, number of participants, average donation, volunteer hours, and more.
  • C – Communicate: A picture is worth a thousand words! Use photos or videos in your storytelling. This shows employees United Way’s mission.
  • I – Impact: Use examples of the impact their donation makes in Oshkosh.
  • A – Accelerate Success with Games: Prizes, trivia, and raffles are a great way to keep employees engaged. Consider individual prizes for those who reach their personal goal and for teams/departments who meet their goals.
  • L – Live Updates: Celebrate your wins as they come! Keep up the momentum by celebrating wins and keeping the campaign at the top of all company messages.


  • Send all payroll deduction information to your HR or payroll department.
  • Consider a thank-you note to the whole company and/or employee donors.
  • Thank your campaign team.
  • Celebrate your results and set a goal for next year.

How does my company start a Virtual Campaign?

Interested in starting a United Way virtual campaign at your workplace? Contact Campaign toolkit materials are available for download, below!

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