Hosting A Virtual Campaign

Tips for a successful virtual campaign


  • Set campaign dates. Allow plenty of time to create strategic messaging and to get your online donation page(s) set up.
  • Assemble a campaign to help disseminate campaign across each department or team. A good ratio is one campaign team member per every 25 employees.
  • Set a campaign goal that your campaign team and employees can rally behind.
  • Set key points for distributing company-wide messaging (announcement of the campaign, launch day, mid-campaign, final push, thank you, etc.)


  • Use your planned messaging to launch the campaign. Consider using video messages from your company’s leadership to encourage donating.
  • Send messaging throughout the campaign on a company-wide level.
  • Run team challenges to encourage participation.
  • Utilize the campaign team members to keep the campaign top of mind on team conference calls or emails. Conduct regular meetings with team leads to discuss strategies and needs for their team.


  • S – Short & Sweet: Virtual campaigns are best when kept to two weeks or less. The longer the campaign, the less momentum.
  • O – Overall Goals: Clearly state your goals – dollars raised, number of participants, average donation, volunteer hours, etc.
  • C – Communicate: A picture is worth a thousand words! Use photos or videos when possible in your communication and storytelling. This helps connect employees to United Way’s mission.
  • I – Impact: Provide examples of the impact their donation makes on the community.
  • A – Accelerate Success with Games: Daily prizes, trivia, raffles, etc. are a great way to keep employees engaged. Consider having individual prizes for those who reach their personal goal and for teams/departments who reach their goals as well.
  • L – Live Updates On Goal Progression: Celebrate your wins! Keep the momentum going by celebrating daily wins and keeping the campaign at the top of all company communication.


  • Submit all payroll deduction information to your HR or payroll department.
  • Consider sending a thank you note to the entire company and/or employee donors.
  • Thank you campaign team.
  • Celebrate your results and set an initial goal for next year.

How does my company start a Virtual Campaign?

Interested in learning more about starting a United Way virtual campaign at your workplace? Contact

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