Volunteer for FREE Tax Assistance programs




If you are good with numbers and math, here is a great opportunity to help others in your community! United Way is looking for volunteers for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly program. Volunteers will be preparing tax returns for people in the community.

The Oshkosh Seniors Center provides free tax preperation during the week through the TCE Tax Counseling for the Elderly), while the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program provides FREE tax preperation on Saturdays.


Who volunteers for VITA and TCE? What skills does someone need?

Anyone with a passion to help others is welcome. Volunteers are needed for preparing taxes, registering tax payers, and assisting with intake and screening. Tax preparer volunteers need to have good computer skills, and a willingness to take an online certification test. All volunteers need to possess good interpersonal skills. They need to be someone like Kathy Dietz. Kathy is both a VITA and TCE volunteer. She is certified by the IRS for VITA and a certified trainer for TCE. She has been a volunteer at VITA for six years and at TCE for five years. With a computer science, business and accounting background, she has liked numbers and math ever since she was a child because of the influence of her father. When asked what motivates her to volunteer for VITA, she said, "Taxes can be or are confusing and it is getting harder to understand for most people. Being able to help people and file their taxes has significant payback. We see a lot of the same people year after year and it's nice to be remembered." Dietz said the best part about VITA and TCE is that it's a high-quality service; it's confidential (code of conduct agreement) and it's free. Some benefits to volunteering at VITA and TCE include online training, testing and certification, on-the-job training for students and the knowledge that you have been able to help someone.

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(or call Oshkosh Area United Way at (920) 235-8560)

 VITA is able to help hundreds of people in the community because of the volunteers who contribute their time and talents. What better way to help the community than by doing what you love. Clearly, VITA has a lot to offer in terms of volunteer services and helping the community.

Written By:  Mai Ka Thao, Oshkosh Area United Way Intern