United Way is Just a Middleman

Donations made to United Way’s Community Fund make the greatest difference and help the most people. United Way monitors results to ensure the programs are making an impact. You can be certain your money is well invested.


Local Dollars are Spent Nationally

Over 99% of the dollars raised here stay here in the community. Less than1% goes to United Way Worldwide to provide services and support to our United Way and other local, independent United Ways. Oshkosh Area United Way has its own 501(c)(3) certification and is governed by a local board of directors.


United Way Funds Boy Scouts/Planned Parenthood

Currently, Oshkosh Area United Way does not fund any Boy Scouts or Planned Parenthood programs. For a complete list of partners that receive funding to help improve lives in Oshkosh, visit:


I heard about a financial scandal at United Way.

Every United Way is local and independent, including your Oshkosh Area United Way. A volunteer board of directors comprised of industry professionals and leaders in the Oshkosh Area United Way makes decisions about investments for our region, and OAUW has never experienced any financial abuse. Over 25 years ago, a former United Way of America president, William Aramony, and two associates, were indicted for misusing funds. Neither United Way of America as an organization, nor any local United Ways, were charged with any wrongdoing in this matter. United Way instituted major governance and structural changes, and has become a model of accountability in the non-profit sector. Forbes magazine has since named United Way among the top five all-star charities for financial efficiency.