Meet Our 2018 Campaign Chairs, Peg and Paul Larson

Meet Paul and Peg Larson!

Since coming to Oshkosh in 1987 Paul and Peg Larson have been actively engaged in supporting the Oshkosh Area United Way in one way or another. Whether it’s been volunteering, serving on the board of directors, active in the campaign, or in hundreds of other ways. 
We are pleased to announce that the Larsons will lead the 2018 United Way Fund Raising Campaign. They have long subscribed to the giving of Time, Treasure, and Talent philosophy, and are looking forward to sharing their commitment to the United Way with others. 
With the new Leadership Council, a group established by previous campaign chairs, Dennis and Annie Elmer, the Larsons believe the 2018 campaign will be the most successful on record. The Leadership Council’s purpose is to leverage individual executive’s current support of the Oshkosh Area United Way among his or her peers, thus growing the support for the agency. 
Paul, a recently retired physician has not only served the United Way in multiple capacities but has also given generously of his time and talent in his professional life including leading the campaign in his workplace among peers. 
With a background in accounting, Peg has not only served on the board of directors, but has also served in virtually every capacity possible, including committee roles on the audit committee, campaign auditor, fundraising, and allocations. She is always the willing set of hands for numerous United Way projects, tasks, or special events. 
The Larsons are passionate about the Oshkosh Area United Way and are looking forward to sharing their enthusiasm with more people and leading a successful campaign. 
Call the Oshkosh United Way office (920) 235-8560 to connect with Paul or Peg.