Domestic Abuse Services Available to Everyone

In line with Oshkosh Area United Way’s (OAUW) strategic plan to grow our fundraising to $2.5 million annually, we want to bring greater awareness to the programs OAUW funds.

Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services (CADASI) opened their doors in 1984 to serve individuals and families in Winnebago and Green Lake Counties who struggle with the devastating effects of domestic abuse. Their mission is to empower individuals and families through education, safety and support, and lead the community to reduce the incidents and the effects of domestic abuse and dating violence.

One CADASI client came into the shelter with four young children after continued verbal and emotional abuse from her husband. She had witnessed her husband become increasingly aggressive and feared it would soon turn into physical abuse. She left with the children and sought safety and shelter at CADASI.

Although they were physically safe, they experienced harassment from her husband’s friends and family. Her husband showed up at children’s activities and verbally abused them in public. She decided to file for divorce along with a restraining order with the help of a CADASI Legal Advocate.

Because of United Way-funded programs like client advocacy and the caring staff at CADASI, she took steps that were vital for her and her children to independently move forward. She secured housing, enrolled her children in school, and is furthering her education. She plans to continue working with advocates both for herself and her children to continue learning about healthy boundaries and self-sufficiency. 

“As an advocate, I watched her as she first came into shelter. I watched as she dealt with her own trauma and crisis as well as her children’s,” said Sherri, Shelter Services Advocate, at Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services.

“I also watched her stand strong as she decisively broke down barriers that she faced. She has been able to reach her goals because of the services at CADASI. There is no such thing as a small success working in this agency… Each individual we work with takes with them courage and strength. I am honored to walk alongside such strong individuals and their families every single day,” Sherri continued.

Each year, Oshkosh Area United Way measures the results of funded programs and in 2018, 252 men, women, and children were provided shelter for a total of 9,308 nights of care at Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services. Also, almost 10,000 crisis and information calls were answered on their 24/7 helpline.

The Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services is available to help all victims - adults and children, male and female - navigate the road to a violence-free life. Because of your financial gift to Oshkosh Area United Way, partners like CADASI do not need to spend their precious resources on fundraising. The funding they receive from OAUW allows them to focus on serving the needs of their guests instead.

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For more information about Christine Ann, visit If you or someone you know needs assistance, someone is always available 24/7 at their crisis hotline, 1-800-261-5998.