Community Investment Volunteers


Each year, we rely on over 50 volunteers to help us make decisions about which community programs will be a good investment of United Way dollars raised during our campaign. These volunteers serve as members of our Community Investment Panels and they play a vital role in the relationship with our partners, their clients, and the community.

Responsibilities Include:

  1. A time commitment of approximately 10 hours (typically 3 meetings) between late September and early February.
  2. Attending and actively participating in face-to-face discussions with representatives from each organization
  3. Reviewing grant applications
  4. Providing input in the development of funding recommendations
  5. Serve as an ambassador by sharing stories across your network
  6. Be a United Way donor (i.e., have some skin in the game)


Your team will be led by an experienced volunteer who will guide you and your fellow members through the process. In addition, United Way staff will provide training and general assistance.

Email or call 920-235-8560 to register.


Volunteer Login Information

Welcome to our online grant application process. e-CImpact allows partners to apply for funding and volunteers to personalize and access information through a secure website. It also streamlines the community investment process, as well as improves grant management and makes accessing and reporting performance measures easier. Agencies are able to access their application information in one convenient place. Since the software is web-based, agencies and volunteers can access it from any secure computer by logging in with their confidential username and password.