Monthly Collection Drives

Host A Monthly Collection Drive

Collection drives are an easy way for any organization to get involved in supporting the community. Our partners have supply needs all year. Your collection drive can be as big as city-wide, or as small as your office, depending on your available time and effort. You organize and hold the collection, and we will coordinate pick-up and distribute your items where they are needed most.

Download the complete Collection Drive Calendar (with supply lists) HERE!

Here’s How It Works:

1. Schedule your collection drive in your office – you decide which month your group feels most passionate about and what best fits your timeline!

2. Promote your drive with the appropriate month’s flyers, on your intranet, announce at an all-hands meeting, etc.

3. Drop off all collected supplies to Oshkosh Area United Way office (21 W. New York Avenue) before the last Thursday of the month and we’ll take it from there!

4. Send any questions or request additional materials by emailing or call 920.235.8560.

Oshkosh Area United Way