Born Learning Trail Sponsorship

Born Learning Trails in your Community

Looking for a service project that supports your community, is done in a day, yet engages your community for years to come?  Consider building a Born Learning Trail, an interactive, playful outdoor learning tool that can boost visibility, partner recognition and early literacy, and encourage physical activity for young kids. It's part of Born Learning, United Way's long-standing initiative to support school readiness.

The Trail is a user-friendly way to engage people in your community-change work, helping improve children's language and literacy skills while encouraging families to get active.  It's a great way to connect your donors and volunteers to education, support year-round campaign activities, and bring LIVE UNITED to life.  Give, advocate or volunteer - it's easy with the Trail!  

What Is It? 

The Born Learning Trail captures 10 fun outdoor/indoor games on engaging signs, each with an easy activity combining early literacy skill development and movement. It's easy for parents to participate too.  Whether installed in a local park, at a child care center or school, in a shopping mall or next to a children's museum, the Trail can be a valuable community resource to help kids come to school ready to succeed.

Building Partnerships

The Born Learning Trail can strengthen or build partnerships within your community. The Trail offers a long-term 'value add' for donors and volunteers, both in visibility and in community impact. Partner logos can be printed directly on the signs as a public display of their commitment. Partners can enrich the Trail with kiosks featuring parent education materials, or by installing outdoor musical instruments, other playground equipment, or Born Learning park benches, etc.

Generating Support

The outdoor Born Learning Trail toolkit costs $1,425.  Supplies - like posts, cement and paint - will cost about $600- $700.  You can minimize costs with in-kind contributions from your local hardware store, or equipment rental donated by a local rental company.  Signs are available in English and Spanish.  However, we will need to build in some funding for maintenance of the trails, so depending on how much of the material costs can be donated the cost per trail is $2,650 - $3,000 including the long-term maintenance. It is our hope that the company who underwrites the trail will also be willing to help “refresh” the trail as necessary (approximately every year).  You can view more details in the Sponsorship Worksheet. 

The Oshkosh Area United Way is inviting a variety of groups and organizations to partner to build one of the four Born Learning Trails proposed for Oshkosh and support the children in our community.  Currently, we have funding for 3 trails thanks to a grant from Affinity Health System.  We are currently identifying locations for the trails and we will need people-power to install the trails.  Once the trails are in, we will have a small fund for replacement and maintenance, but this could also be the responsibility of the site or a volunteer group/service club. 

To get started with your sponsorship or for more information, please contact Sue Panek, Executive Director, Oshkosh Area United Way