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Welcome to our 2018-2019 online grant application process. e-CImpact allows agencies and our volunteer reviewers to personalize and access information through a secure website. It also streamlines the community investment process, as well as improves grant management and makes accessing and reporting performance measures easier. Agencies are able to access their application information in one convenient place. SInce the software is web-based, agencies and volunteers can access it from any secure computer by logging in with their confidential user name and password.

Click Here to Access the e-CImpact Portal (Agencies)

Application Deadline

Our application process is now CLOSED. Agencies may access the site to update the agency profile and to copy or print the 2018 application. If you have problems accessing the site or logging in, please check your training materials or use the "forgot password" function on the system. 

Mid-Year Report Deadline - Friday, August 17, 2018, by 9:00 PM CST

Just a heads-up...agencies that received funding for programs in 2018 are required to complete a mid-year program update, outcomes, and demographic report. Mid-year reports forms are accessible NOW and must be completed and submitted by 9:00 PM CST on Friday, August 17, 2018.