2-1-1 Our Best Kept Secret

Contributor: Lisa Smith, 2-1-1 Manager
What’s the best-kept secret at United Way? We think it’s probably 2-1-1.
Imagine, for a moment, you lose your job. What things in your life might be in jeopardy? Your
housing? Transportation? Food? Would you know how to start searching for a new job? Or,
imagine you find out a family member is dealing with depression. Or, what if a tornado damages
your neighborhood? Would you know where to turn for help?
We hope you and the people in your life never have to experience these hardships, but
sometimes stuff happens. Log this in your memory now: Dial 2-1-1. (Or, if you prefer, search
www.211now.org). Our Information and Referral Specialists at 2-1-1 can help connect you to
health and human resources in our community. The best parts: the service is free, confidential,
available to 92.6% of the population nationwide, and you can call 24/7.
But that’s not all. United Way 2-1-1 collects de-identified data (to keep your call confidential) that
reveals critical, real-time trends and emerging issues in our community. The 2017 Annual
Snapshot Report, reveals significant shifts in the needs of Fox Cities’ residents calling 2-1-1 for
assistance. For example, in 2017, calls for assistance with housing/shelter increased by 53%
over 2016 and calls for help with mental health-related resources increased by 40%. You can
find real-time data anytime at 211.counts.org, which can be very useful for community planning
and grant writing.
Isn’t 2-1-1 amazing? We’re certainly not trying to keep 2-1-1 a
secret! We're working hard to spread the word to employers, police
officers and emergency personnel, nonprofits, and the general
public. Please use and share this incredible resource. We're here to help.
Find more information about 2-1-1 on our website www.211now.org.